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About FönsterHus

Fönster Hus takes pride in supplying triple glazed and double glazed windows and doors from high quality suppliers. Constantly striving to meet the ever-increasing demand for a high performance product, our windows and doors keep your energy costs down and look absolutely stunning. Not only are they built to last, our windows and doors are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Our Professional Service

We offer a professional and friendly service, with years of experience, to support you to make an informed decision about which product best suits your needs and best compliments your building. We believe it is essential to choose the right windows for your home, which is why we offer a wide range and flexibility to enhance your home’s character.

Highly Efficient Glazing

We label the energy efficiency in our windows as U-Value, which is the measuring of thermal conductance that indicates how much energy is lost. Therefore, the lower the U-Value the more energy you are saving, for example a single glazed window has a U-Value of 5.0W/m²K. We can deliver your windows with a U-Value level as low as 0.7W/m²K due to the products advanced technology design aiming to keep these levels low. Along with saving money in conserving energy it also saves many hundreds of tonnes of CO₂ emissions over the life span of the window.

Durability Guaranteed

The windows and doors have been designed to withstand the harsh weathers of Scandinavia. They are built solid and to last, which means we can give you a long and confident warranty, up to 30 years with the aluminium clad windows and doors.

Wood Windows

Wood is a natural product and eco-friendly option. It is easier to maintain than the standard upvc windows, as well as being easier to recycle and does not emit harmful gases if incinerated.

Aluminium Cladding

This is an outer covering that protects the wood from UV radiation extending the product life span and makes them to be virtually maintenance-free. Studies show this is the best choice for both the environment and your wallet. The beauty is that they come in an almost infinite range of colours to suit your look.

Owner’s Information

How to get the greatest  possible pleasure from your windows! The links to your Owner’s Information will guide you through warranty terms, product handling, installation instructions and maintenance instructions.

> Owner’s Handbook for Tanums Fönster

> NTech Maintenance Webpage

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Triple glazed quality windows from Sweden

Tanum Fönster has been at the forefront of window design for more than 60 years, priding themselves on quality high performance windows. The advantages of using these well insulated sealed units are a warmer feel from the whole window, little or no condensation and still only two sides of glass to clean. With this you also get a choice from a variety of glass and frame colours in both wood and aluminium clad finishes. Tanum Fönster also offer a two colour finish, where you can have a different colour inside to outside.

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